A Little Bit of Re-Upholstery

Having hammered my sewing machine for a few weeks I thought it might be nice to take a break and do something different. So, I dug out a footstool that I bought at a second hand market last year, which I fully intended to renovate there and then. But, you know how these things are – the best of intent and not a lot of motivation at the time!

Anyway, I have finally done the deed and here it is.


I have re- painted the legs and covered it with elephant fabric. I have to say that I am a bit obsessed with elephants! It just needs to be finished off with some braid round the edges and the job will be complete.

What next I wonder?

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Indian Memories

Following a wonderful trip to Southern India and lots of ideas spinning round in my head I decided to use paint techniques and applique to make a small art quilt. And this is the result

Indian woman fabric art.

The background fabric was soya waxed and dyed then over printed. The Indian woman is taken from a photo image I have from my journeys. I have painted silk with pink fabric paint and then printed over it with a wine cork and used this for her dress. The veil is made with a solid colour fabric. I have hand painted her arms and feet into the picture and made the bucket and can that she is holding from grey fabric, which has been shaded.

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Scrap Quilt

I have been trying to reduce my box of fabric scraps – and decided that I might be able to turn them into a quilt. So here is the finished result.

MD scrap quilt

I have hand and machine quilted it and finished of the plain border by quilting it with buttons. The binding has been done with scraps of fabric machined together.

Quite a pleasing result but sadly, it hasn’t made much impact on the box of fabric scraps!

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Ghost Images with Pat Archibald

On Friday I went to a workshop with Edinburgh textile artist Pat Archibald. The workshop was focused on creating a ghost image by layering net. A wonderful technique which gives amazingingly satisfying results.

My dhow2

The day went far too quickly but I came away having learnt so many things apart from creating the ghost image, including how to couch on with the machine, how to use machine embroidery stitches to quilt and I had never used foils before so that was a bonus!

A great day and one to be recommended. pat is an excellent tutor.

And, here is the finished piece.

md finished piece web

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Work in Progress

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to reduce the pile of PHDs (Projects half Done) that I have in my sewing room. It has been an enjoyable experience though I soon get distracted!

This is a small quilt that I started about a year ago and suddenly decided I should finish. I have scanned some vintage haberdashery that I had and incorporated the images into the quilt with TAP art paper. The vintage Singer sewing machine sign I saw in France whilst on holiday.

I made a freezer paper stencil for the text ‘born to sew’ and ‘love to quilt’. The coloured section on the left is made with selvedge edges from fabric and I have sewn in some garment and designer labels. A button band and pocket from an old shirt has also been incorporated as well as some lace scraps. The thread images are fussy cut from fabric

born to sew quilt

And, it would be finished now if I hadn’t started fiddling with freezer paper stencils to make flower designs to machine embroider!

I painted the background fabric with inktense pencils and coloured the flowers with inktense pencils and markel crayons. I have then been practising my free machine embroidery – more practice needed I think!

MD machine embroidery

The pile of PHDs hasn’t reduced much but I have had fun!

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Beach Huts

I have finally finished a little quilt that I started probably a year ago!

beach huts web1

The design is based on a picture of beach huts that a friend sent to me a while ago. I wonder if she will recognise it?

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Woollen Hearts

Having bought two bags of offcuts from Melin Tregwynt woollen mill last autumn I felt that it was time to start thinking about what to do with it.

After sorting through it I was thrilled to find that I have enough of one design to make a Teddy – great!

So, what to do with the smaller offcuts. Well, today was the day that I set about making some heart shaped key rings for our next fund raising event.

key rings wool

And, I also have a woollen blanket, picked up from a charity shop, that needs using. So, I used some of it to make some bigger hearts. They have been decorated with lace – from the overwhelming lace stash that I seem to have acquired – plus buttons, ribbons and charms!

wool hearts

Job well done I would say but….. there is still a lot of woollen fabric left!

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Making Lace with Soluble Fabric

Yesterday I went to a workshop to learn how to make lace with soluble fabric which was really good a left me with lots of ideas for its use!

Finished pieces included a butterfly – my first attempt

MD butterfly

And then a flower, that I moulded to make it 3D!

MD flower

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Painting Furniture

Having acquired two tatty wooden children’s chairs at Christmas I decided to try my hand at renovating them.

So, this week I have painted one with chalk paint and rubbed it down with clear wax. And here it is after a makeover!

wooden chair

I added a little bit of stencilling as well. I found the image of the elephant stencil on the web, manipulated it to the size I needed, downloaded it and cut it out.

I am rather pleased with the finished result. Now for chair number two!

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Birthday Bunting

This weekend I have been busy rummaging through my fabric stash to make bunting for a little girl’s first birthday – and this is what I have produced.

bunting for Catrin

The front is made with a patchwork type effect fabric and I have recycled a pillow case to make the back. I have also appliqued two teddy panels to decorate it and added a silver ‘hand made with love’ heart

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