Chilling Out in West Wales

For the next two weeks we are chilling out in West Wales – bliss! The days mainly consist of walking and eating – what more could you want?

Yesterday we set out from the cottage in Solva and walked to St David’s along the coast – a tried and tested trip which is always enjoyable. After a wander round the town we waited for the bus back home – which you would think would be quite boring – unless you are with the Dennis family! If you click on the photo below you will see how entertaining they are!


Animated Gif courtesy of Spike Dennis!

Today, we did an epic journey from Trevin to the Tregwynt Woollen Mill. Although it was grey most of the day it was a lovely walk.

sea view

We had the local sheep to entertain us though I think they were wishing they could perhaps escape on the baot!

sheep waiting for boat

And, as well as seeing quite a few seals bobbing around in the water we came across some hardy surfers.


Finally arriving at the woollen mill we were ready for some sustenance – Welsh cakes, toasted tea cakes and scones – lovely! This was followed by a quick look in the mill and the shop to pick up a pack of off cuts for a creativity session!!

mill machine

woollen blanket

Love the HUGE knitting needles outside the mill!

knitting needles

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