Watercolour Paintings on Fabric

Today’s session was all about creating a picture that looked like it was a watercolour painting on fabric – an idea taken for a recent Quilting Arts magazine. The key to achieveing such an effect, we were advised, was to use a base extender on the fabric. Once applied and dried our image could be transferred followed by a little free machine embroidery and then paint – a doddle as always!

As ever – it is not an exact science – we weren’t sure how much base extender to apply but the fabric had to be soaked. Then it had to dry – with the help of the hairdryer. The finished effect for most of us was that the fabric fely sticky which made it a little difficult to transfer the image onto the fabric with a pencil.

However, once past that stage we were ready to go with the free machine embroidery. Fiona had a go at two samples – remembering after a little while that she needed her felt underneath to stabilise whilst stitiching.

Corinne’s puffins came out well……

And Isobelle and Monica did a deal – Monica embroidered Isobelle’s image whilst Isobelle painted Monica’s background!

Apologies to Keris – I didn’t capture a photo of your work! We will definitely have to add it in due course!

The overall view at the end of the day was that it was a bit of a messy process but that the fabric perhaps needed a longer drying time to avois the sticky nature of it. All was not lost though – there is still lots of potential to produce some lovely pictures!

And finally, here are two pieces of work that Fiona is completing for an exhibition in May – they are beautiful!