Young Stitch Wizards!

There I thought Christmas would be quiet- no sewing – no crafting. But then, a friends grand-daughters received a lovely little sewing machine for Christmas and I had a lovely time helping them get started on a project.

Having experimented for what seemed like 30 seconds they were both ready to sew something – and that something was a cushion. Not any old cushion, but one with their initials appliqued on it!


I loved the no messing about approach – this is what we want and hey presto – it is done! Go for it girls.

And, if that was not all, in the space of a few days they had not only made cushions they had also made their thank you cards following a lovley afternoon fiddling with the Sissix machine and shiny papers.

alex cards

Georgie cards

There was lots of concentration…..

Georgie making cards

alex making cards

but it semmed to become increasingly evident that I was the one hooked on the Sissix machine!

MD and Georgie

MD cutting card

Great fun and I look forward to seeing many more of the girls stitching and crafting projects in the months to come.

2 Responses to Young Stitch Wizards!

  1. Caroline says:

    Wonderful and uplifting blog on the girls having holiday fun with sewing and crafts! They were so proud of their creations and we were all very grateful for your help with resources and experience to get the girls started! The cushions are much treasured and the girls are keen to start on a project for their auntie who bought them a sewing machine for Christmas !

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m so (sew) pleased the girls are enjoying their Christmas present. Loving the card making as well.

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