A Visit to Stockholm

After travelling around the world to Australia and India we decided to go on a short jaunt to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago – and what an interesting place it is! It boasts that it has 87 museums – so we had loads of choice.

view stockholm4

We visited the Almgren Silk-Weaving museum which produced silk for 170 years and it was once the largest employer for women in Scandinavia. We were given a demonstration of how the Jacquard loom works and had the opportunity to see some of the work that textile students had produced. And there as the most wonderful display of silk threads.

silk threads

We visited the Vasa Museum which was fascinating. The museum houses a 300 year old ship that sank in Stockholm’s harbour on it maiden voyage.


vasa back colour

The Skansen Museum, which is open air, is a bit like St Fagans. But, as well as having lots of buildings from different periods in Swedish history it had an aquarium and a funfair. I came across a whole cloth quilt and a log cabin quilt from the 1800’s.

log cain quilt

whole cloth quilt

Many of the staff at the museum were either spinning, dyeing wool or knitting. We were told that the poorer families would pull woollen clothing apart when items became too small and they would then knit the wool up again into a new item of clothing.

woman spinning

This is a great item of clothing to keep you warm. A long knitted scarf that can be wrapped around the body – how cosy!

girl in knitted wrap

The Nordiska Museum was also fascinating. There was a wonderful folk art exhibition. Beautiful embroidery.

folk art embroidery

folk art bag2

And a lovely quote about crafting by Betsy Greer that I have added to the front page of my blog.

And, of course I can’t write about Sweden and not mention the Dala horse. Beautiful but very expensive!

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