Gum Arabic Transfer Technique

Today we explored the art of transferring images using Gum Arabic and Karen, who very kindly offered to demonstrate the technique made it look so…… simple. So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, from Monica’s view – quite a lot really. Initial images turned out as great blobs of red paint! However, after moving from oil paint to printing ink and using a different bottle of gum arabic it was more successful.

A poor workman always blaims his tools so they say!

Isobelle persevered with the oil paints and a different gum arabic and produced some good clear images, including a promising overlaid image which she was rather pleased with.

Corinne also produced some pleasing images and found that she could get 3 prints from one painted photocopy

And, Karen produced a number of successful images that she would be able to work with later

A rather enjoyable day all round with the general principles under the belt and room for more exploration in the future!