Bondaweb Landscapes with Carol Bartlett

Today I spent a very enjoyable day with the lovely Carol Bartlett at Sew Lovely Makery. It was a play day to experiment with painted bondaweb to make a lampshade.

The plan was to create a background fabric which could be used to create a picture from one of Carol’s sketches. The first was a background for a Cardiff Bay sketch and the second for one of Camden Lock.

After painting and drying the painted bondaweb it was ironed to fabric.

Next some foiling to add a little shimmer….

which was then overlaid with a layer of organza – what colour to use?

Once this was in place it was time to draw in the shape of the lampshade to give a guide for positioning the stitched picture

And then Carol was off in the zone happily stitching away!

I am so looking forward to seeing it all finished and in place on the lampshade. And… looking forward to seeing the lampbase the shade sits on – it looks like a little job for Conrad!

Carol also has the other landscape to progress!

And I still have my bondaweb landscape to work on!

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Inspired by India

Following a recent trip to India I have been inspired to return to a fabric book that I started making a couple of years ago.

On this page I have used photos that I took to create the beautifully shaped windows that you see in the palaces and I have put photo images of the Taj Mahal, the Golden Palace in Amritsar. The photo of the man brushing the floor is from the Taj Mahal, taken on my first trip in 2009

The background fabric has been ice dyed and is overlaid with a patterned chiffon and free machine embroidery. The tassel braid was purchased in the Jodphur bazaar

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Silk Bags from Scraps

Inspired by my recent travels to India I have made this little bag from silk scraps.

It is embellished with machine embroidery stitches using variagated silk threads and the elephant motif is taken from a no longer used bracelet.

This bag has been made from a remnany of silk furnishing fabric – just love the embroidery on it!


Lots more silk and embellishments to use up in coming months!

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I have been busy using up scraps and pieces of fabric that I have created then stored in the cupboard for a later date and I am quite pleased with the results!

The fabric for the first book has been created with scraps from tassels that were too big and bits of ribbon. All brightly coloured and finished off with a silk panel and an elephant charm.

The middle book favourite, has been made from fabric I created using painted bondaweb, foiling, sweetie papers (Ferrero Rocher – only the best) sari silk scraps and organza. It is all held in place with free machine embroidery using metallic and holograpic threads.

And the third book has been made from silk scraps taken from a sample book – hence the ability to shade the colours as you go. It is finished off with an embroidery stitch and bronze medallion.

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A New Year Stitch Project

Having completed a few outstanding projects I decided it was time to move onto a small project combining hand and machine stitch.

The background fabric is made up of vintage lace, cotton and silk held down with a variety of hand stiches. There is a page from a book underneath the fabrics. The robin has then been created with free machine embroidery and coloured with inktense pencils.

And, I am rather pleased with the result!

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My Christmas Project

In the run up to Christmas I was on a mission to finish a few projects that seemed to have been lying around for an age.

This lovely Gwendoline Mouse was a gift from Christmas 2017 so just had to be first on the list. It is from the Luna Lupin range.

Unusually for me it is almost ALL hand stitched!

I also finished off a quilt that was started in April 2018 and some fairy shoes. So… not bad going. There are still a lot of other unfinished projects but at least I have made a start!

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Christmas Greetings…

Christmas is looming and there are too many projects waiting to be finished ….but you just have to go with the flow. So, I have been busy making fabric Christmas postcards – partly because I love making them and also because I recently ran a workshop to make them at the Sew Lovely shop in Penarth.

These are a few of the ones that I have made – most of which can be sent through the post with a second class stamp. (If they have embellishments on them that is not the case). They are a lovely way to send Christmas greetings and make a unique keepsake for the recipient.

And, I also made some book covers for the festive season.

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Celebrating the Centenary of the Women’s Vote

Although I am working to a deadline to get work finished for the Swansea Festival of Stitch I have been distracted by an urge to create a fabric collage to celebrate the 100 years of the women’s vote.

And, today I have finished it!

To create my collage I have:

-printed images from old photographs of Wales suffragette events onto fabric
-used transfer art paper to apply text – campaign slogan’s and quotes
-printed a silhouette of suffragettes onto organza
-used fabric that I have painted and dyed and some manufactured printed fabric that I have overdyed
-stencilled onto the fabric and free machine embroidered
-screen printed the Welsh National anthem onto a map of Wales
-cut out the dragon on the scan ‘n cut machine
-recreated the 1913 badge using silk and transfer art paper to apply the text

A lovely project which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And yesterday I enjoyed a walk through Cardiff with thousands of other women and my very dear friend Caroline to celebrate the centenary of the women’s vote

There were some amazing banners – many stitched and appliqued, which I hope will be exhibited at some time in the future and not consigned to the cupboard!

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The Year of the Sea

2018 sees Wales celebrating the Year of the Sea and this theme has been taken up by Swansea Festival of Stitch to challenge individuals to create unique works of textile art for the various exhibitions around Swansea between 10-24 August.

Our Cutting Edge textile members have been prolific in producing not only works of art but also fish bunting, fabric windmills and fabric postcards to complement an exhibition that the group is holding in the Tapestri Cafe, Swansea between 10-24 August.

A sample of the amazing postcards that will be on show can be viewed below

I have been busy creating a wallhanging from manufactured blocks – which is entitled She Sews Sea Shells – very apt for the theme of our exhibition.

And my latest creation, inspired by textile artist Anne Kelly is finally complete

To create my collage I have used hand dyed fabrics overdyed with stencils, Thermofax, stamps and Indian print blocks, stencilled organza, transfer art paper and free machine embroidery. It has been so satisfying using the hand dyed and printed fabric stash – so much so that I am thinking about the next project already!

Visit the Cutting Edge Blog to see how things are shaping up for the exhibition

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Procion Dyeing

Yesterday I spent the day Procion Dyeing at a Kate Andre workshop and if you want to know all about procion dyeing it is a workshop to be recommended.

We started off with ice dyeing and then moved on using diffeent techniques to learn the different ways the dye works.

With the liquid procion we dyed on dry and wet fabric, did a colour run, tie dye and cramming in a jar – all giving varied results

We then moved on to experiment with procion dye thickened with manutex. This gives a jelly like medium which can be applied directly to the fabric or used to create a thermofax image

The wading birds below were created using a Thermofax screen purchased at Kate’s workshop and opaque Pebeo paint

A great day ….and I am already busy preparing fabric to experiment further!

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