Celebrating the Centenary of the Women’s Vote

Although I am working to a deadline to get work finished for the Swansea Festival of Stitch I have been distracted by an urge to create a fabric collage to celebrate the 100 years of the women’s vote.

And, today I have finished it!

To create my collage I have:

-printed images from old photographs of Wales suffragette events onto fabric
-used transfer art paper to apply text – campaign slogan’s and quotes
-printed a silhouette of suffragettes onto organza
-used fabric that I have painted and dyed and some manufactured printed fabric that I have overdyed
-stencilled onto the fabric and free machine embroidered
-screen printed the Welsh National anthem onto a map of Wales
-cut out the dragon on the scan ‘n cut machine
-recreated the 1913 badge using silk and transfer art paper to apply the text

A lovely project which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And yesterday I enjoyed a walk through Cardiff with thousands of other women and my very dear friend Caroline to celebrate the centenary of the women’s vote

There were some amazing banners – many stitched and appliqued, which I hope will be exhibited at some time in the future and not consigned to the cupboard!

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The Year of the Sea

2018 sees Wales celebrating the Year of the Sea and this theme has been taken up by Swansea Festival of Stitch to challenge individuals to create unique works of textile art for the various exhibitions around Swansea between 10-24 August.

Our Cutting Edge textile members have been prolific in producing not only works of art but also fish bunting, fabric windmills and fabric postcards to complement an exhibition that the group is holding in the Tapestri Cafe, Swansea between 10-24 August.

A sample of the amazing postcards that will be on show can be viewed below

I have been busy creating a wallhanging from manufactured blocks – which is entitled She Sews Sea Shells – very apt for the theme of our exhibition.

And my latest creation, inspired by textile artist Anne Kelly is finally complete

To create my collage I have used hand dyed fabrics overdyed with stencils, Thermofax, stamps and Indian print blocks, stencilled organza, transfer art paper and free machine embroidery. It has been so satisfying using the hand dyed and printed fabric stash – so much so that I am thinking about the next project already!

Visit the Cutting Edge Blog to see how things are shaping up for the exhibition

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Procion Dyeing

Yesterday I spent the day Procion Dyeing at a Kate Andre workshop and if you want to know all about procion dyeing it is a workshop to be recommended.

We started off with ice dyeing and then moved on using diffeent techniques to learn the different ways the dye works.

With the liquid procion we dyed on dry and wet fabric, did a colour run, tie dye and cramming in a jar – all giving varied results

We then moved on to experiment with procion dye thickened with manutex. This gives a jelly like medium which can be applied directly to the fabric or used to create a thermofax image

The wading birds below were created using a Thermofax screen purchased at Kate’s workshop and opaque Pebeo paint

A great day ….and I am already busy preparing fabric to experiment further!

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Obsessed by the Sea!

It has been a while since posting because I have been busy organising exhibitions for the Swansea Festival of Stitch which takes place 10-24 August.

Our sewing group Cutting Edge has a two week exhibition in the Tapestri cafe in Swansea so there has been a frenzy of activity creating – postcards, fish and windmills. CHeck out the Cutting Edge blog . The theme for our exhibition is the sea.

And I have also been busy organising the inuagural Quilt Expo for the festival. A great opportunity for quilters around Wales to showcase their work

In between I have been looking after our little grandson of 9 months and entertaining twin boys who live next door. Last weekend they dropped by for a sleepover and Alfie, who loves the Inktense pencils coloured a yacht stencil which he requested be put on a cushion.

So…… here it is!

I now just have to make one for Fred!

And here it is – with a request for green sails!

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Paper Laminating & Stencilling

Today I spent the day learning how to do paper laminating with some interesting results. First off I secured three sea landscape photos that had been photocopied onto paper underneath some ivory coloured organza. I then screen printed over the top with liquitex matte medium. The screen had strips of self adhesive plastic stuck to it to add interest to the design. This was then left to dry thoroughly.

When thoroughly dry it was dry ironed, scrunched up and immersed in cold water to loosen the paper.

The paper was then scrubbed off leaving a beautiful image on the organza. I have to say I am rather pleased with the result. I love the stripes created by the self adhexive plastic. Now I just need to think through how to use it!

I also used the organza to see how stencilling would look on it as I have an idea for decorating a window. After a few trials it seems that Pebeo opaques are quite good with stencils and metallics mixed in might enhance the images – a job for another day I think!

Stencil on organza

All in all quite a productive day!

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More Sewing for Pleasure!

The sewing machine is packed up and taken to Solva, Pembrokeshire every year where I endeavour to complete many of the unfinished projects that clutter my sewing room.

This year, however, I side tracked and started on some new projects, one of which was this lovely wrap.

I found an image of it on the internet and then found that I could buy the pattern from Cool Crafting

I bought the wool fabric from Lee Mills Fabrics in Swansea – the last metre – how lucky am I?

And the lining and buttons were sourced at the Autumn Malvern Quilt show.

The other project that I started whislt I was away was a Christmas table decoration.

And I compeleted it today at our Cutting Edge members day.

Not sure whether to use it to make the table sparkle or whether to wear it as a sun shade! Who knows…..

Next stop fabric printing and dyeing – watch this space!

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A Crafty Weekend

Last weekend I was out and about on a mission to craft! The fun started in Carmarthen where I visited Oriel Myrddin to see the Darker Threads exhibition where my son had work on show.

I was also impressed with Carmarthen when I found five wonderful galleries and a great craft shop! I will definitely be planning a return visit.

Saturday I spent the day at the Printhaus with good friend isobelle. We took part in a screen printing workshop which was run brilliantly. We learnt loads and were very pleased with our take home creations.

And finally, Sunday I went on a jolly to the Autumn Malvern quilt show with friends Isobelle, Liz and Corinne. The main reason for going was because we had our WW1 quilts exhibited there and what a wonderful sight it was to behold. Twenty three beautiful quilts taking a prime position – it was amazing.

Catherine Pritchard, Stephanie Aplin and Monica Dennis

And we even managed to find time to make some buttons at one of the shows workshops!

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Colours of India

Still working on the sea themed wall hanging but being distracted by thoughts of a fabric journal based on my visits to India and the fact that it is the 70th anniversary of Indian independence.

I have made a start on the front cover which will feature the map of India and I have drafted up ideas for further pages.

This is the first finished page. The outline of the elephent was drawn onto hand dyed fabric and finshed in kantha stitch, which was a new experience for me.

The borders are block printed and then overstitched by hand and machine and beads attached.

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By the Sea

It seems an age since I have posted anything on the blog so I thought today would have to be the day that I shared my current work in progress.

Inspired by recent visits to the beach and painting fabric at our Dyeing to Paint sessions I have been working on a ocean themed wall hanging.

Eventually, there will be six panels which will fit together to make the wall hanging. below are four of them – all work in progress!

I have used my hand dyed fabrics for the backgrounds and tried out various techniques:

– free machine embroidery on soluble fabric for the lobster pot
– printing on fabric for the sandwich board
– handmade stencils to paint the lobster and jelly fish
– foiling to embellish the jelly fish
– xpandaprint for the waves
– ice-dyeing and sun-dyeing to colour the fabrics

the last two panels will hopefully be posted soon so watch this space!

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Personalised Bunting and Quilts

The current trend is to make quilts and bunting from a toddlers outfit when they have grown out of it to provide a keepsake for the future.

I have just completed this bunting for a friends grandchild using an all in one suit. The fox flags have been cut from the suit and heart shapes which incorporate a fox have been appliqued to the other fabric flags. The child’s name has been incorporated as well

I made this quilt for a friend to give to her grand daughter. It is made from remnants of fabric which she had stored away after making her daughters childhood dresses. A double whammy of a keepsake I would say!

A lovely way to keep something from childhood.

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