Finding UFOs

After having a massive clear up in the sewing room I have rediscovered quite a few UFO’s (unfinished objects). So, the plan is to complete them – I am always well intentioned but whether I will stick to the plan or get distracted is another thing!

This small quilt was inspired by a trip to Cardiff Museum last May. I initially went to the Peter Blake’s Under Milkwood exhibition and then visited the museum with textile friends to gather inspiration to make a fabric collage.

longing wales web

Another project aching to be finished is this one…. a quilt for my son who loves purple!

Chris quilt

Onwards and upwards as they say!

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A Tidy Sewing Room!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting new cupboards in my sewing room and how very tidy it looks!

MD sewing room

MD sewing room1

It is great to have (nearly) everything in one place and tidyily stashed away – but will it last????

Re-arranging everything hasn’t stopped me sewing. I have just completed an iron caddy – really useful as I often seem to be having to carry a warm iron home with me.

I just happened to find this piece of fabric in my stash and it was just the right size. It is very colourful but at least I am unlikley to misplace it!!!! I downloaded the pattern from here

ironing board caddy

I have also been out and about on a visit to London with good friend Hilary. We spent a day at the Spring Knit and Stitch show where we saw some beautiful quilts and found lots of bits and pieces to buy. We also went to the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum which was very interesting and well worth the visit.

Whilst at the Knit & Stitch show we joined two workshops where we used bondaweb and scraps of fabric, threads, beads etc. I produced a little brooch at one of the workshops….

KS show brooch

and a landscape at the second workshop. I think this might end up as yet another book cover!

KS collage landscape

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Book Covers

Along with a few other people I have recently been busy making book covers.

I made this one to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. I have used the loose fabric collage technique to make White Rabbit. I then cut out hearts on my Sissix machine which have then been arranged so that they make flowers. The whole piece has been free machine embroidered creating more hearts on the background fabric. It has then been decorated with clock and hand of card charms.

White Rabbit

Following a workshop in Ledbury with Angie Hughes I was inspired to create the two covers below.

I have used coloured foils for this one. It has then been covered with organza and it is held down with free machine embroidery stitches.

foil cover

For this one I have created a loose fabric collage landscape for the background. ‘Triangle’ trees have been added and the whole piece is covered with a pale coloured organza. A foil moon has been added along with sequin stars. I have machine embroidered and hand sewn beads on to the fabric.

tree book cver full view

Time to move on to something different now I think!

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Angie Hughes Workshop

On Saturday I visited Ledbury to attend a workshop run by Angie Hughes.

The workshop focused on the use of foils and glitters to create a Klimt themed piece of work.

After a short demonstration Angie let us loose with her wonderful array of foils and glitters on a trial piece. This is my first attempt using sequin waste as a stencil.

My scrap

I later turned this sample piece into a needlecase. It provided a great opportunity to try out some of the many embroidery stitches on my sewing machine. Before embroidering I covered the foiled design with strips of organza in various colours which has greatly enhanced the colour.

foil needlecase

Once we had the hang of things we prepared our fabric. We cut our design in bondaweb and applied it to the surface of the velvet.


Them we applied the foils and glitters onto the bondaweb.

my piece

All that was left to do when ths stage was completed was to machine embroider with metallic threads – as usual with me this is work in progress!!

But, Isobelle has finished hers and made it into a book cover!!!

Isobelles book cover

We were able to see Angie’s finished projects for inspiration though.



And, she also showed us some of her othe recent work – she is going to run two day workshops around these.

Angie new piece

Angie 3

Something to look forward to in the future I suspect!

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Mother Christmas

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Finishing Off For Christmas

Fundraising now over I have been busy completing off half finished projects ready for Christmas. These two reindeer sacks are for the little boys next door. I have filled them with a few goodies and they will receive them when they come over for tea in the BBQ Lodge on Thursday.

Fred and Alfie stcokings

We have been busy decorating the new BBQ lodge ready for Chrisrmas. I have made two lots of festive bunting …..

Nadolig Llawen bunting

and, some cushions. I love this hare cushion.

Hare cushion

And this fox cushion…..

fox cushion

I might even add this stocking that I have made from an old pair of denim jeans.

denim stocking

Finally, to round things off I received this lovely embroidered Christmas Card from a dear friend who knows how much I love Scottie Dogs. It is delightful and will continue to sit on the shelf well after the Christmas period!

Jans card

Looking forward to more sewing fun in the New Year!

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Frida Kahlo Cushion

Having been distracted over the last couple of weeks with the Cowbridge Stitch ‘n Bitch Festive Coffee Morning and Craft Sale and the addition of a BBQ Lodge in our garden I have finally found my way back to the sewing machine to complete some unfinished projects.

One of them is this floor cushion for someone who is for a fan of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

I love the fabric and have spent a ot of time fuss cutting the images out and appliqueing them on for maximum effect. I hope the receipient is as pleased with the end result as I am!

Now on to making sheep masks and costumes for an imminent nativity play! Watch this space.

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Countdown to Christmas

Over the last few weeks I have been making an advent calendar for my son and his partner. It is based on one that I made when the children were young.

advent calendars

The 1990 version has been well used and enjoyed over the years and still comes out every year. Here’s hoping that the 2014 version provides as much enjoyment! I have certainly enjoyed making it and sourcing litttle decorations for the pockets.

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To Wash, or Not to Wash?

I was reading a friend’s recent blog where she was asking whether people wash their fabrics before using them for making quilts. Having never done this before she decided that she might wash some intensely coloured fabrics that she had recently bought – and was very glad that she had done so!

It reminded me that I didn’t used to wash my fabrics although our patchwork tutor had always advised that we did. Now, after having experienced the disaster that can happen I always do.

And this is the disaster.

I decided to make an apron decorated with bunting and when it was finished noticed a mark on it so washed it. This only made things worse because the colours ran and when I used a colour catcher to try and save the apron it just made things worse!

bunting apron

However, when I showed it to friends they just said that it looked vintage – so, colour running and washout can be the new vintage!

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Crafting for Christmas

After an extended week in Solva I have returned home to all my half done projects which I need to get finshed for Christmas. As a diversion though I decided to use up some of the offcuts of Melin Tregwynt wool that I bought last year when I was in West Wales.

So, I have just completed a cushion

cwtch cushion tregwynt

…and this cute little owl door stop. The plain fabric is something that I came across in my stash. Bought it quite a while ago thinking it might make good Gingerbread Men. hey ho!


Being on a roll by now I decided to finish off a lace cushion that has been on the go for sometime. In its construction I have used a vintage lace handkerchief and a variety of laces from my stash to make the lace heart. It is also embellished with pearl beads.

lace cushion

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