New Additions to the Conservatory

Having painted the conservatory for the summer I have been busy making new cushion covers to match. The pattern for this one was in a Stitch embroidery magazine and gave the opportunity to practice my free machine embroidery. I have used scraps of silk, leather and linen to make the pebble shapes.

gold circle cushion

And this one I made from a scrap bag that I bought from Sew Lovely fabric shop in Penarth

gold patchwork cushions

Lots of scraps left so I need to have a think about what to use them for!

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Roald Dahl’s Centenary

This year is Roald Dahl’s centenary and to mark the occasion the Telegraph newspaper were giving away bags at the Hay Festival that had an image of the BFG on it.

So, I decided that to get the best use out of my bag I would make it into a cushion. And here it is……

roald dahlweb

Just need to find a good home for it now!

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More Postcards!

Today I went to a Cutting Edge workshop to make postcards – yes more!!!

I decided on the one design of the one below after rummaging through photographs and it gave me the opportunity to practice my free machine embroidery.

The background fabric has been printed on the computer. I have then cut out the window and shutters from fabric scraps and appliqued them on to the fabric. I have put lace behind to give the impression of lace curtains. I have used dyed scrim for the bottom of the window to give the impression of lots of foliage and then free machine embroidered flowers over the top. I have made the wisteria by couching thread and free machine embroidering stems and leaves. I have used variagated thread to make the wisteria flowers.

MD window web

I then went on to make a second postcard using an image of a hare printed on fabric with scraps of silk fabric to make a crazy paving design. I finished the card off with a little cotton lace and fussy cuts from lace fabric.

hare postcardweb

My third postacrd is work in progress……..

deckchairs web

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Work in Progress

I have been on a bit of a mission sewing recently.

After buying a quilting magazine – which is quite unusual for me – I was inspired to empty the box of selvedge edges that I have acculumultaed over the years to make a quilt. And… I am quite pleased with the result so far. I am using the Karin Helaby exploding pineapple design to make the blocks.

woor in progress

Keeping to the scrap theme I have used fabric scraps from my overflowing bin and rummaged through my fabric stash to coordinate suitable fabrics and hopefully will be able to continue along these lines to complete the whole quilt. What a challenge this will be as there is always the temptation to buy some new fabrics just in case!

I have also been making little pictures from scraps of cream and white fabrics – which you can see in the background photograph above. I have layered up the fabrics then hand sewn over them to trap all the fabric in place.

Having bought lots of fat quarters in New Zealand because they were so lovely I have been inspired to make another quilt – which is also work in progress. Making the quilt blocks isn’t a problem but once that process is fimished I am useless at basting the quilt together ready for sewing. Fortunately, some very good friends helped be at a recent Cutting Edge meeting and I am now in the process of quilting.

Corinne and Keris

Corinne and Keris

Many thanks to Corinne, Keris and Liz for their help.

Hopefully I will be posting the finshed quilts soon!

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Fabric Flowers

After recently seeing a friends fabric flowers it reminded me that I had a similar flower kit that I bought at least two years ago from Gillian Travis.

So…. after a hunt round my sewing room to find the kit I set to work to make them. They are made with fabrics that have been wood block printed and they look delightful on display in my hall!

MD flowers web

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Fabric Postcards

Having finished my little art quilt – a postcard from New Zealand it got me thinking about making a fabric postcard. And, having found a lovely book edited by Christa Rolf there was no stopping me!

I decided to start with a postcard from Wales – a landscape which includes sheep – there are so many of them in Wales!

Collage postcard

And sheep by the sea!

landscape sea sheep web

I have used xpandaprint to make the sheep – it gives a great 3D effect. And, I printed the back of the postcard on the printer.

As I was planting up my sunflower seeds I was then inspired to make a postcard depicting sunflowers



And, a postcard from New Zealand

postcard NZ web

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Greeting Cards for Sewing Friends

I have recently come across some lovely scrap book paper which includes a lace and tape measure design – ideal for making cards to suit sewing enthusiasts!

So…. I have used the paper in conjuction with scissor, needle and thread and bobbin die cuts and photocopies of vintage sewing machines printed on tracing paper. The card is then finished off with an appropriate charm – either sewing machine or scissors…. and ribbon which contains a sewing quote.

sewing cards 2016

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Recycled Denim Bag

Finally, I have finished an Ineke Berlin design bag that I started last October!

denim bag web

Just one of the many projects that needed completing.

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A Postcard from New Zealand

Inspired by a recent trip to New Zealand I decided it was time to pull out all the samples of fabics that I jave painted, printed or dyed over the last couple of years to use them to make a small art quilt. And, here it is…….

dtp quilt

The outer fabric was a random dye I did at some point – I can’t remember whether I did it for something in particular – but if I did the moment has passed long ago

The black fabric under the postcard and Kiwis was done using bleach, a stencil made from an overhead acetate and thermofax screen print. I have stamped it with the end of a cork and free machine embroidered the gold circles

The postcard is am image from the internet that I have printed onto fabric and then free machine embroidered the address on

The kiwis have been done by printing an image on freezer paper, cutting out and them filling in with a permanent marker. They are free machine embroidered onto the black bleached fabric

The colour of the fabric underneath the black has been created by soaking white fabric in water and vinegar and laying screws, metal rings and steel wool on top of the fabric.

There is a hint of glitter running down the piece of work courtesy of a piece of ribbon that I had in my ribbon box. It just happened to be the right colour blend

And, finally I have stitched usd copper machine embroidery thread and an embroidery stitch to fasten the work down.

And, all put together in a day! – apart from the time it took to dye the fabrics and think through how to put them together that is

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Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us and to countdown to Christmas I have made these cute little advent cushions.

Advent cushions

And, I got carried away making more decorations!

house decs

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