National Wool Museum of Wales and Curlew Weavers

On Tuesday 5 August I went with our Cutting Edge group to explore the treasures of the textile storeroom at St Fagans Museum in Cardiff. And , the following day I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting the National Wool Museum of Wales in Newcastle Emlyn and Curlew Weavers

The National Wool Museum is located in the historic former Cambrian Mills and it still produces Welsh wool for sale although this is a shop from the past

counter woolen goods

This is work currently in progress

weaving room NMW

weaving room NMW1

And this is woollen blankets displayed on one of the machines in the museum

fabrics on machine

We also came across the Curlew Weavers whilst on our travels. Much smaller but just as interesting. Curlew Weavers was started by Gill & Kay Poulson in 1961 and the Mill continues to thrive under their son’s management.

We were able to take a very informal walk around the Mill and enjoyed a good chat about production.

At the back of the mill we saw newly acquired wool fleeces that were being washed, rinsed and dried.

fleece for washing

Bales of fleece were piled high in the mill ready for processing. It comes from as far away as the Scottish Islands. The Mill began to commission weaving for rare and specialist breeders in wool, mohair and Alpaca in 1998. It produces textiles and wools.

machime curlew mill1

machine curlew mil

It is certainly well worth the visit and has some lovely items for sale.

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