A Pleasant Surprise at Solva Woollen Mill

After having been disappointed a few years ago when we visited the Solva Woollen Mill it has been off the radar – until this week when we were driving back into Solva and decided to give it another go. It is now quite amazing!

Solva woolen mill

It has been extended, you can go in the weaving shed and watch the rugs being woven

rugs on mill machine Solva

blanket on loom red

the water wheel is working and there is a lovely shop and cafe! The shop has a really good selection of goods made from the fabric woven on site, plus a variety of goods made by local people such as the illustrator Jackie Morris, as well as goods from other areas of Wales e.g. Quinell candles which have the most exquisite fragrences.

There are also some lovely old artefacts to view in the shop, such as the old sewing machine and bobbins

sewing machine Solva mill

and the old clocking in and out machine – a blast from the past!

Clock Solva mill

It is certainly worth a visit if you happen to be in the area!

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