I learnt to knit and sew when I was young. My mum loved to make things and thankfully passed her skills on to me. I used to make all my own clothes and when the children were born made them clothes as well.

However, when I returned to work the sewing machine was stashed in the cupboard and didn’t see the light of day again until about 3 years ago when my interest was revived by a group of friends who established a Stitch Bitch group. The group was designed to ensure that we met once a week to have a good natter and share our enthusiasm for all things stitching.

That summer, one of these friends took me along to the Penarth Quilters exhibition. My reaction was that ‘I could never do that’to which she replied ‘of course you can’. Always up for a challenge I signed up for a patchwork and quilting class and the rest as they say ‘is history!’

I am now a founder member of the Cutting Edge Textile group which enables me to experiment with various art and textile techniques and I run a Stitch ‘n Bitch group in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

Although though still a novice at patchwork and quilting I have quickly become obsessed with collecting fabric – apparently an obsession shared by many! It’s a bit like shoes, a girl can never have too many pairs!

I also like to make crafty things, too many to house – so every so often my group of friends hold fundraising events to support various charities.

Enjoy perusing my website and do feel free to comment!

1 Response to About

  1. Lesley Maw says:

    Monica, From the Quilters Guilld websiteI have just seen your members page. I just love your Queen of Hearts Doll. Is this something you have made yourself because it is exquisite?

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