Fun On The Potters Wheel

Today my lovely friend Caroline took me to Coed Hills Rural Art Space in St Hilary to have a go at making pottery with Sam who runs of Dove Love Ceramics. Sam produces some beautiful pieces of pottery…. so amazing that she has been commissioned to design pottery for St Fagans and Duffryn Gardens!

We couldn’t have had a more skilled and patient tutor who made it all look so simple! She started us off by centering the clay which helped a great deal. But, I could help think that it couldn’t be that difficult to centre the clay on the wheel – could it? Well, yes actually, it isn’t that easy and I had a bit of a wobbly experience when I was let loose to have a go! Fortunately, Sam was on hand to make sure that the pot survived and I was rather pleased that I managed to create two reasonable looking pots by the end of the session – although one had hole in the bottom – ideal for outdoors – and obviously designed to be that way…..

Caroline looked very confident and easily produced two wonderful pieces of work – a lovely bowl and a small vase.

The next step is to dry them off and fire them ready for glazing – something to look forward to in a couple of weeks time. Thinking caps on already!


Today (19 May 2019) Caroline and I spent the second day of our pottery workshop painting and glazing our pots

Caroline’s design was very modern…

Whilst I decided to try dainty painted Scandi flowers

Once the painting was completed they were immersed in a dipping glaze

And left to dry….

And here we are – the finished pots – which I must say for a first attempt look rather impressive

A huge thank you to Caroline for thinking of such a great Christmas gift and many thanks to Sam for her guidance and patience