Breakdown Printing

Today we tried out the technique of breakdown printing under the ‘expert’ guidance of Isobelle – she had done her homework!

To get an initial understanding we watched a video and then Isobelle showed us a screen that she had prepared earlier – a bit like Blue Peter!

We were then given direction on how to make our own design on the screen before putting it to one side to dry

Meanwhile Isobelle prepared her fabric to create a print with her screen….

which came out incredibly well and so did Fiona’s when she had a go.

Fiona used a stencil to create the bark image on her screen – which worked really well

And Monica dribbled the paint down the screen then used a scraper to mix the colours around

All in all a productive day of experimenting with everyone going home with a great piece of printed fabric

Many thanks to Isobelle who did all the advance preparation which meant that we had a very enjoyable and constructive day