Horniman Museum

On Tuesday we ventured to London to see our daughter off on her world travels. Exciting for her but we shall miss her and look forward to her return in July 2015!

After seeing her off at the airport we made our way to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill to see an exhibition about Romania. It was small but wonderful – with some spectacular traditional costumes on display.

embroidered costumes

embroidered jacket red

cream wool jacket

This was accompanied by a photographic exhibition showing portraits of Romanian people who had come and settled in London – a fascinating insight into how they had fared and what they missed most about their home country.

As well as this exhibition there was also a interesting exhibition about Africa. A wonderful mask…

2African mask

and these life size statues made from cement – stunning!


The Horniman is not a huge museum but it certainly has a good variety of things to see. There is a Kurt Jackson exhibition on until January and there is an amazing music room.

Whilst wandering around we also came across a Pearly King costume. It was interesting to read that Pearlies appeared in the 1880’s. They orignate from the members of clubs who collected money for London hospitals. These fundraisers often wore fancy dress, at a time when the craze for decorating costume with pearly buttons first began. The acknowledged founder of the Pearlies was Henry Croft who covered the costume he wore for fundraising with pearly buttons.

The costume below belonged to Frederick Booth, the Pearly King of Dulwich. He sewed all the buttons on himself as well as all the badges from the groups he supported.

Pearly king costume2

Well worth visit and we were also treated to a wonderful sunset over the Thames-magical!


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