Experimenting with Procion Dyes

Today I spent the day dyeing fabric with good friends Isobelle and Corinne. The focus was to experiment with Procion Dyes – unchartered territory for Corinne and I apart from the ice dyeing we had done previously.

First off Corinne did a bit of stencilling with Pebeo opaques

And Isobelle showed some of the images that she had created from linocutting

Then it was time to flood the printed fabric with the dyes.

Isobelle was very pleased with these ones and quite rightly so.


I was pleased with the results I achieved though I didn’t intend to make a rainbow!

And Corinne was happy with her pieces of work. Below is a picture of her stencilling and then another piece of stencilled fabric which was flooded with dye

By the end of the day there was some lovely samples that I supect will be worked into a new project any time soon . And we still had fabric dyeing in little bags and buckets that would need washing when we got home!