27 March 2018

At our last meeting in January members of the group took away some homework to do……

Liz tried out making flying geese for the central panel
Chris experimented with various applique poppies
Isobelle was tasked with embroidering a label and doing the text for the bottom of the quilt
and Monica and Corinne completed a couple of outstanding panels

Today, the quilt started to take shape.

Chris’ panel of applique poppies won the day and looked stunning when we started to put the quilt together. Although the flying geese were intended for the central panel we decided that the poppy panel looked more appropriate.

Isobelle has completed the label for the back of the quilt and is now focusing on the text for the bottom of the quilt

So, the next part of the process is to make the wreath for the top of the quilt. Monica is working on this with Chris who is making more applique poppies. And when this is completed we can move on to finishing the quilt top!

A fantastic focused morning’s work – well done everyone!