Annual Trip to the Blue Lagoon

It’s Wednesday already – time flies when you are having fun!

Today we went to Porthgain and walked to Abereiddy to make our annual visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Porthgain harbour

A short walk but so much to see and do, including picking blackberries,

watching the seals in the Blue Lagoon

Seal Blue Lagoon

Baby seal

enjoying the views

Blue lagoon and yacht

Abereiddy beach

and watching Claire write a happy birthday message for her friend in the sand

Claire on beach 2

Happy Birthday

We checked out the Shed, a fish restaurant that we will be visiting tomorrow.

Shed Porthgain

And then rounded the visit off with a visit to the Sloop Inn to enjoy lunch – bliss! Whilst we were there though we came across some interesting but disconcerting.

about Porthgain2

Must get around to some sewing soon!


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