A Cultural Start to the New Year

January is normally a dull and dreary month with little happening – usually because everyone is exhausted following the Chrsitmas celebrations.

But that wasn’t the case for me this year as I enjoyed Matthew Bourne’s latest dance extravaganza – Edward Scissorhands at the Sadlers Wells theatre and then I visited the Harry Potter Studios near Watford.

Edward Scissorhands was amazing – so good that if I could get tickets for the Cardiff production I would go again.

And, as if this wasn’t enough I then thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter studio tour. It is well worth a visit to see the incredible sets and costumes and tosee how the special effects are achieved.

The tour starts at the entrance of the Great Hall. The tables are loaded with what looks likes delicious food but of course, it is all artificial.

Great hall

This table is definitely for chocolate lovers.

choc table

And, this makes you feel a little chilly.

Glass palace

There are models of some of the characters at the head of the hall.

Snape ans Hagrid great hall

And costumes on display behind the tables.

school outfits

One of my favourite sections of the tour was Diagon Alley – a small cobbled street of shops, which included the Weasleys sweet shop and the wand shop. everything looked so authentic.

Diagon alley shop

puking pastilles

It was fascinating to see the individual sets, the dormitories, common room, the potions classroom and Dumbledores office. They are enormous and overflowing with detail.

Dumbledores office1

The tour ended at a model of the Hogwarts Castle which is stunning and looked even more beautiful in the snow!

Hogwarts castle1

A wonderful escape into fantasy on a cold winter’s day to wonder at the creativity of the artists and technology experts involved in the craetion of the Harry Potter films.


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