19 January 2018

On 19 January the project group met to progress the quilt

The community sessions held in October 2017 had been successful with all but 4 panels being completed and a number of offers to provide more help if needed.

Charcoal grey fabric was laid out across two tables and the panels laid out in four strips so that the group could -determine the width of sashing needed between them
-assess what size applique poppies would be needed
-determine the completed size of the quilt
-determine the size of the text panel at the bottom of the quilt
-agree how the wreath at the top of the quilt should be stitched
-assess how many poppies would be needed for the wreath
-agree the final shape of the top of the quilt and how it would hang

Isobelle brought a sample of machine embroidered text for discussion about what would look best and there was discussion about the wording

The following was agreed:

-Chris would look at ideas for the appliqued poppies for the sides of the quilt
-Liz would draft up some flying geese for the central panel of the quilt tryig out different shades of grey with red
-Isobelle would start on a label for the back of the quilt
-Monica and Corinne would complete the missing four panels
ready for a sewing session in March to start putting the quilt togather