Bondaweb Landscapes with Carol Bartlett

Today I spent a very enjoyable day with the lovely Carol Bartlett at Sew Lovely Makery. It was a play day to experiment with painted bondaweb to make a lampshade.

The plan was to create a background fabric which could be used to create a picture from one of Carol’s sketches. The first was a background for a Cardiff Bay sketch and the second for one of Camden Lock.

After painting and drying the painted bondaweb it was ironed to fabric.

Next some foiling to add a little shimmer….

which was then overlaid with a layer of organza – what colour to use?

Once this was in place it was time to draw in the shape of the lampshade to give a guide for positioning the stitched picture

And then Carol was off in the zone happily stitching away!

I am so looking forward to seeing it all finished and in place on the lampshade. And… looking forward to seeing the lampbase the shade sits on – it looks like a little job for Conrad!

Carol also has the other landscape to progress!

I still have my bondaweb landscape to work on!

But Carol has completed hers and how lovely they look…..

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