Celebrating the Centenary of the Women’s Vote

Although I am working to a deadline to get work finished for the Swansea Festival of Stitch I have been distracted by an urge to create a fabric collage to celebrate the 100 years of the women’s vote.

And, today I have finished it!

To create my collage I have:

-printed images from old photographs of Wales suffragette events onto fabric
-used transfer art paper to apply text – campaign slogan’s and quotes
-printed a silhouette of suffragettes onto organza
-used fabric that I have painted and dyed and some manufactured printed fabric that I have overdyed
-stencilled onto the fabric and free machine embroidered
-screen printed the Welsh National anthem onto a map of Wales
-cut out the dragon on the scan ‘n cut machine
-recreated the 1913 badge using silk and transfer art paper to apply the text

A lovely project which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And yesterday I enjoyed a walk through Cardiff with thousands of other women and my very dear friend Caroline to celebrate the centenary of the women’s vote

There were some amazing banners – many stitched and appliqued, which I hope will be exhibited at some time in the future and not consigned to the cupboard!

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3 Responses to Celebrating the Centenary of the Women’s Vote

  1. sallymwood@doctors.org.uk says:

    Fantastic, Well done Monica and Caroline.

    Please bring the banner and brooch to CE tomorrow for us all to see.

    I know you are coming to Rhondda Rips it Up…so just to let you know, the Community Chorus is singing in the bar at about quarter to or ten to 7 prior to the performance proper. PLease come to that..its my bit!

    Sally x

    • Monica Dennis says:

      I will bring it tomorrow and will be there on time to hear you sing. Lovely choir at the event yesterday called Only Menopause Aloud – that wasn’t you was it?

  2. Keris Howard says:

    Well done Monica & Caroline for attending the March.
    Great collage Monica. How do you find the time? Very impressed.

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