Traveller’s Tales Quilt

A while ago I had an idea to make a lap quilt similar to one that I made for my daughter which was based on a pattern that I had seen in a quilting magazine. It was 9″ blocks with heart designs on them. My daughter’s quilt featured hearts but there was also a block with the Loch Ness monster on it as she then lived in Edinburgh and it has a daffodil on to reflect her birthplace – Wales. Her quillow can be viewed at the top of this page

The centre of my quilt and a couple of the blocks acknowledge Wales where I live but then I decided to add blocks and trimmings reminding me of places that I have visited around the world – New York (stencil picture and bow buttons), Stockholm (applique Dala horse and buttons), China (text fabric) , Mexico (Day of the Dead fabric), Amsterdam (Delph fabric) New Zealand (Pohutukawa fabric). And the back of the fabric is a reminder of my favourite place of all – India!


There are many other countries that I have visited and enjoyed that I was unable to include in the quilt – but that just gives me an excuse to make another one in the future!

Some of you might also notice that both quilts have a Scottie dog in there – how could you not include one of them!

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One Response to Traveller’s Tales Quilt

  1. Catherine Pritchard says:

    Fab quilt Monica. I was particularly interested in the NZ fabric as we are going in January. What is it and where did you get it from?
    Have a wonderful Christmas x

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