Indigo Dyeing

Today I visited a friend to spend the day experimenting with indigo dye and what a lovely day it was too! Having gathered an array of fabrics, string, bulldog clips, elastic bands, thread, polystyrene balls etc we set to work with some interesting results.

We experimented by trapping the polystyrene balls in the fabric with elastic bands which gave these amazing results

MD shibori2 web

shibori ID web

Then we used a piece of fabric printed with dragonflies. Here we put a piece of cling film over the dragon fly and then trapped the polystyrene ball underneath with an elastic band.

dragon fly web

Next we took a piece of fabric, folded it and sewed it down before dipping it into the indigo, This produced a great effect.

ID linesweb

And finally, we overdyed some fabric that I didn’t particularly like – with some very pleasing results!

MD coloured and printed web

Now I just need to decide what to do with all these lovely samples!!!!

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