Work in Progress

I have been on a bit of a mission sewing recently.

After buying a quilting magazine – which is quite unusual for me – I was inspired to empty the box of selvedge edges that I have acculumultaed over the years to make a quilt. And… I am quite pleased with the result so far. I am using the Karin Helaby exploding pineapple design to make the blocks.

woor in progress

Keeping to the scrap theme I have used fabric scraps from my overflowing bin and rummaged through my fabric stash to coordinate suitable fabrics and hopefully will be able to continue along these lines to complete the whole quilt. What a challenge this will be as there is always the temptation to buy some new fabrics just in case!

I have also been making little pictures from scraps of cream and white fabrics – which you can see in the background photograph above. I have layered up the fabrics then hand sewn over them to trap all the fabric in place.

Having bought lots of fat quarters in New Zealand because they were so lovely I have been inspired to make another quilt – which is also work in progress. Making the quilt blocks isn’t a problem but once that process is fimished I am useless at basting the quilt together ready for sewing. Fortunately, some very good friends helped be at a recent Cutting Edge meeting and I am now in the process of quilting.

Corinne and Keris

Corinne and Keris

Many thanks to Corinne, Keris and Liz for their help.

Hopefully I will be posting the finshed quilts soon!

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