A Postcard from New Zealand

Inspired by a recent trip to New Zealand I decided it was time to pull out all the samples of fabics that I jave painted, printed or dyed over the last couple of years to use them to make a small art quilt. And, here it is…….

dtp quilt

The outer fabric was a random dye I did at some point – I can’t remember whether I did it for something in particular – but if I did the moment has passed long ago

The black fabric under the postcard and Kiwis was done using bleach, a stencil made from an overhead acetate and thermofax screen print. I have stamped it with the end of a cork and free machine embroidered the gold circles

The postcard is am image from the internet that I have printed onto fabric and then free machine embroidered the address on

The kiwis have been done by printing an image on freezer paper, cutting out and them filling in with a permanent marker. They are free machine embroidered onto the black bleached fabric

The colour of the fabric underneath the black has been created by soaking white fabric in water and vinegar and laying screws, metal rings and steel wool on top of the fabric.

There is a hint of glitter running down the piece of work courtesy of a piece of ribbon that I had in my ribbon box. It just happened to be the right colour blend

And, finally I have stitched usd copper machine embroidery thread and an embroidery stitch to fasten the work down.

And, all put together in a day! – apart from the time it took to dye the fabrics and think through how to put them together that is

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