Creating Fairy Shoes

Yesterday I learnt how to make fairy shoes! Not the most useful accessory you might say but it was a lovely day with friends creating tiny shoes for those little fairies that live at the bottom of the garden.

I have to say it was a challenge for me as I am not the best at hand sewing – using a machine is much quicker but I really couldn’t get my head round how I would sew them on the machine so it was a no brainer.

As ever, keen to have the perfect pair of shoes in a jiffy I started bonding felt to a batik fabric and then a gold lustre fabric. Initially it looked great but then I soon realised that the gold fabric had a mind of its own. It began to fray and then it started to come away from the felt!

And, in my enthusiasm I decided to use a bright pink cotton to sew them together which would have been a doddle for an expert needle woman but just highlighted to me that I need to practice my hand sewing!

The end result was one shoe – yet to be finished! I haven’t seen any one legged fairies around the garden yet but you never know – I might come across one, one day.

MD shoe

Anyway, today I decided that I needed to get my act together.

So….. initially I created a piece of fabric. It is made with lace, scraps of threads, fabrics and printed voiles. It has then been overrlaid with a rainbow organza and held down with free machine embroidery.

MD fabric

Once this process was complete I cut out and constructed a pair of shoes and I have to say it seemed a lot easier second time around. The only issue this time was that the gold fabric was no better than last time but I just had to have a gold lining to the shoe! And… some the organza started to fray. However, I managed to stem this with some clear glue that helps prevent fraying.

I am really pleased with the end result – I have even managed to make a pair! And I also managed to scallop the top of the shoe which I am really pleased with.

MD shoe web

The moral of the story? Patience and perseverance pays off!!!

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One Response to Creating Fairy Shoes

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the fabric you created. It is so pretty. It looks like it was a fun class. See you next week.

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