To Wash, or Not to Wash?

I was reading a friend’s recent blog where she was asking whether people wash their fabrics before using them for making quilts. Having never done this before she decided that she might wash some intensely coloured fabrics that she had recently bought – and was very glad that she had done so!

It reminded me that I didn’t used to wash my fabrics although our patchwork tutor had always advised that we did. Now, after having experienced the disaster that can happen I always do.

And this is the disaster.

I decided to make an apron decorated with bunting and when it was finished noticed a mark on it so washed it. This only made things worse because the colours ran and when I used a colour catcher to try and save the apron it just made things worse!

bunting apron

However, when I showed it to friends they just said that it looked vintage – so, colour running and washout can be the new vintage!

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2 Responses to To Wash, or Not to Wash?

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh Monica, how annoying after all that work. I think we avoid pre washing cos it is such a bind. I am concerned that even if the colours don’t run obviously the colours of the whole quilt may look ‘muddy’. After my experience with the Juggling Summer fabrics I shall always prewash. I also started using spray starch when I ironed. It has made cutting so much easier and accurate.

  2. tisjen says:

    It’s very important to wash your fabrics before a good sew. But it seems like you have just learnt that. Good luck for future sewing fun.

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