Crafting for Christmas

After an extended week in Solva I have returned home to all my half done projects which I need to get finshed for Christmas. As a diversion though I decided to use up some of the offcuts of Melin Tregwynt wool that I bought last year when I was in West Wales.

So, I have just completed a cushion

cwtch cushion tregwynt

…and this cute little owl door stop. The plain fabric is something that I came across in my stash. Bought it quite a while ago thinking it might make good Gingerbread Men. hey ho!


Being on a roll by now I decided to finish off a lace cushion that has been on the go for sometime. In its construction I have used a vintage lace handkerchief and a variety of laces from my stash to make the lace heart. It is also embellished with pearl beads.

lace cushion

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2 Responses to Crafting for Christmas

  1. Catherine says:

    Such a creative use of the Melin Tregwynt fabric.Love it, Monica!

  2. Monica Dennis says:

    Thank you!

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