Work in Progress

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to reduce the pile of PHDs (Projects half Done) that I have in my sewing room. It has been an enjoyable experience though I soon get distracted!

This is a small quilt that I started about a year ago and suddenly decided I should finish. I have scanned some vintage haberdashery that I had and incorporated the images into the quilt with TAP art paper. The vintage Singer sewing machine sign I saw in France whilst on holiday.

I made a freezer paper stencil for the text ‘born to sew’ and ‘love to quilt’. The coloured section on the left is made with selvedge edges from fabric and I have sewn in some garment and designer labels. A button band and pocket from an old shirt has also been incorporated as well as some lace scraps. The thread images are fussy cut from fabric

born to sew quilt

And, it would be finished now if I hadn’t started fiddling with freezer paper stencils to make flower designs to machine embroider!

I painted the background fabric with inktense pencils and coloured the flowers with inktense pencils and markel crayons. I have then been practising my free machine embroidery – more practice needed I think!

MD machine embroidery

The pile of PHDs hasn’t reduced much but I have had fun!

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