Hello World!

Hello folks

You will be pleased to know that I now have my very own blog – which will enable me to show off my creative crafts!

I have been busy trying out new patterns and below are a few creations that I would like to share with you.

I have got a thing about Scottie dogs so, once I found this Scottie dog fabric there was no stopping me – I just could not resist making this bag!

I have also made little Scottie dogs to hang on the Christmas tree. So cute!

Card making hasn’t escaped the onslaught of Scottie dogs either. I’ll post some images soon.

Rabbits and mice are popular. These little fellows are very easy to make.

I have created a number of rabbits from various patterns that people have given me. This one is made with Suffolk puffs – great for using up scraps of material.

I’ll be posting more rabbit creations soon.

I also enjoy making cats. Here are two that I have thrown together in the recent past. It was a challenge painting the face but a  satisfying outcome I would say.

Th lovely pink cat creation below now lives in Edinburgh.

Finally, I have just finished making a Queen of Hearts doll. A bit of a challenge but well worth the effort.

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9 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Very nice things you’ve made. I especially like your Scottie dogs, very cute.

  2. Pat Pascoe says:

    What wonderful creations. You have worked so hard to make these little creatures come alive. I will look forward to seeing lots more!

  3. Daddy Dennis says:

    Wooondeerfuuul stuff!!!!!!

  4. Judith P allen says:

    I love them, so clever…Queen of hearts is great, can just hear her saying “If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” Keep them coming.

  5. angela england says:

    Loved them all especially the cats very very clever

  6. Teresa says:

    I love everything you have made. They all brought a smile to my face, so pleased I have meet such a talented Person.

  7. anitaorford says:

    Really well done, they are all really lovely. You are very talented.

  8. Susan McCall says:

    I love the bag. Where did you get the fabric and the pattern?

    • Monica Dennis says:

      Thank you – the fabric was bought at a local shop in Cardiff and the bag was one that I found when trawling the internet

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